Digging For Truth

I never set out to have a radio show.  In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar.  Then Ron Hughes, from Hope Stream Radio (HSR) contacted me.  He’d heard though a mutual friend of my work for the folks at the Associates for Biblical Research (biblearchaeology.org) and thought it would make an interesting show for HSR.  Starting in the fall of 2016 and running through June 2017, I recorded over 25 podcasts (each five-to-ten minutes in length) for HSR.Screenshot (112)

I called the show, “Digging For Truth” and recorded several thematic series:

  1. The Archaeological Evidence for.…Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Daniel, Esther and Jesus
  2. Amazing Discoveries in Biblical Archaeology…the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Moabite Stone, the Merneptah Stela, the Tel Dan Stela, the Rosetta Stone, the Cyrus Cylinder, and the Siloam Inscription.
  3. Cities of the Bible…Evidence from Ephesus, Confirmation from Corinth, Affirmation from Athens, the History of Hazor, Support from Cyprus, and the Facts from Philippi.

In addition to this, I also updated listeners on current events from the world of biblical archaeology, did a show on the Top Ten Discoveries In Biblical Archaeology in 2016 and recorded a podcast on helpful resources for those with an interest in this field.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints in my schedule, I’ve informed the good folks at HSR that I can no longer continue to produce new shows.  They’re going to keep the Digging For Truth podcasts on their website, and you can (re)listen to them or download them individually here:


I’ve also made the entire Digging For Truth Library available through a dropbox folder here:


I want to express my thanks to Ron and Deborah at Hope Stream Radio for giving me the opportunity to do a radio show about biblical archaeology.  I hope and pray that the Lord continues to use Digging for Truth and Hope Stream Radio to further the kingdom and build people’s faith.  It’s been a pleasure to serve with you!

I’m planning to continue to be involved in biblical archaeology.  Those wishing to follow my work can still read my weekly updates for the Associates for Biblical Research here:


You can also read articles that I’ve published in Bible and Spade magazine and other unpublished papers I’ve written at my academia.edu site here:


As I’ve often said at the end of my Digging for Truth podcasts:  “Keep reading your Bible and continue digging for truth.”

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