In addition to my weekly Breaking News update from the world of biblical archaeology, I’ve also published articles for ABR‘s magazine, Bible and Spade.  You can download them below or here:

Three Things Jesus Likely Saw in Jerusalem

Fall 2020 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 33. No. 4
Archaeology of Easter Article Cover PhotoThe Archaeology of Easter


Spring 2020 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 33. No. 2


Where is Biblical Bethsaida Article PhotoWhere is Biblical Bethsaida?


Winter 2020 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 33. No. 1


screenshot (519)Ephesus: A Case Study for the Reliability of Scripture


Summer 2018 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 31. No. 3


screenshot (518)The Archaeology of Christmas


Fall 2017 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 30, No. 4


screenshot (517)Shackled or Anchor? Past Events, People, and Places Confirm Scripture


Fall 2016 Bible and Spade Magazine – Vol. 29, No. 3